26 February 2006

Take Two

I've moved to blogspot because apparently, you can't comment on myspace unless you're a member and the whole point is to have a conversation with people, so open commenting is a must. I'll keep the myspace, but it won't be updated as often as this one.

Brian doesn't understand the title of the blog. I think it's self-evident - given who 's writing it- but I had to explain the red diaper baby bit. I guess mine was really more of pink, but my kids' definitely had redder ones. There are worse things to be than a bleeding heart liberal, I suppose.

Yesterday was the regional History Day fair and I am still exhausted. It was held at the Redbirds' stadium, which is a phenomenal facility. The Redbirds operate as a non-profit and are incredibly generous with the time of their staff and their resources. The arbitrary renumbering of all the entires without notifying us and the subsequent hour and a half delay in judging is really a small price to pay for such a cool venue and support. We even made the paper, which is great. Now, if we can get some funding . . .

Look - a red diaper baby!My brother Joshua took two of his four written PhD comps this week. His loverly wife, Teresa, also took her master's comps. They are better students than me. Taking comps with a 3 month old? YIKES! Oh - look at this photo. Teresa took it. I think it is incredibly beautiful. I'm going to get it professionally printed and framed. Maybe give copies to my parents as well.

So - I have about 6 weeks until comps. I'm guessing I'll scrape by in American, but crash and burn in Latin American. I do get to retake Lat Am after I fail, but it's going to be humiliating to face everyone. If they only wouldn't focus on historiography so heavily - being able to regurgitate lists of books, IMHO, is not as important as UNDERSTANDING what the books are saying. But, the hoops are set and I must jump. Sick thing is - I did this to myself. I swear - that Catholic upbringing really left a masochistic streak in me.

Oh - I actually read a book for fun Tuesday night, Falling Angel by Greg Iles. I liked it - he had some excellent social commentary about not just Natchez, but so many Southern communities. Not quite as good as Quiet Game, but worth the time, I think. I'm sure I have friends that think it's too pedestrian, too bourgeoise, but sometimes I think those friends are pretentious [insert a five letter word beginning with p that also means "to pierce slightly with a sharp point"]s sometimes. You will know who you are when you read this - don't get all righteously indignant. No harm meant. Tough love, baby, tough love.

I wish Memphis had a decent radio station. (told you this was random firings) I'm listening to XM radio on DirecTV - there's a station called Fred that's really cool. In the last little bit, they've played Stone Roses, The Pixies, the Boomtown Rats, and this sounds like maybe non-icky Joe Jackson. Yep. It is. There is WEVL, but it is so eclectic that you can't just turn it on and KNOW you'll hear something you'll like.

OK - enough blather. I need to edumacate myself about the Early Republic.