18 August 2007

Dancing in the Streets

Thank the powers that be - it FINALLY rained - a real gully washer. Thunder, lightening, the whole kit, kaboodle and kitchen sink. People were in the parking lots and streets dancing - seriously. OK - well, we were in Midtown, afterall! Thirty degree temp drop in an hour. We are now at a nippy 75 and falling. WEEEEEEE!

Power went out at a LaserQuest b-day party we were attending, but the staff dragged the tables out into the lobby so the kids could have cake and ice cream. Liz, of course, was in the top 5 of the game they did play. She's bloodthirsty. And crafty - she snuck up behind some middle school girls who were lurking in a corner and shot them like 10 times repeatedly. They whined - who's shooting us? That's so not fair - Liz said "Me. That's the point of the game!" and then ran before they could get her. They rounded up like 8 other girls to hunt Liz down and then the power went out. Ha! Ha! Ha!

15 August 2007

Mother of the year

See this skank ho?. She beat her boy bloody in a Walmart - no, not in Ferriday, although that is a good guess. In Mesa, AZ. The story is here. She is on LIFETIME probation for child abuse. The 911 was apparently flooded with calls from shoppers who witnessed it all and recorded it on their cell phones. God bless technology!

To abuse a child, any child, much less your own, is something I cannot fathom. She carried that child, bore that child, and then beats him bloody, not for the first time, because he didn't like a shirt she picked out for him. There is not a bulldike butch enough to do to her what I want done to her in prison.

14 August 2007


It's so hot here - I got sunburned walking to my car yesterday! and no- I'm not exaggerating- y'all know I am a frail flower of southern femininity. I am ususally sheltered from those dastardly UV rays by my layers of petticoats and large organza hats.

I say, I do believe I need a mint julep.


05 August 2007

Money changers in the Temple

I generally don't read Wendi Thomas- actually, I rarely read the Commercial Appeal. But her latest column is something I wish certain factions in this city, and nation, would take to heart. The fact that these "men of God" are willfully ignoring the facts of the proposed law and essentially endorsing violence against other human beings in the name of their interpretation of "God's law" makes me physically ill. Thomas makes excellent points - are these people incapable of stringing together words that support their (supposedly) faith-based aversion to homosexuality without advocating violence? How limited is their vocabulary? How shallow is their faith that they can't allow for difference?

The absolute refusal of people like these ministers, and our president, to accept incontrovertible facts, not only infuriates me, it saddens me. To see a faith that has potential to change the world warped and perverted to further bigotry, hatred, and ignorance is disheartening. Not that I remotely classify myself as "Christian," at least not by their standards, but the faith does have tenets I attempt to live by - compassion, honesty, sacrifice of self for the greater good. I get so angry when professed "Christians" act decidedly unChrsitlike in the name of Christ. Hypocrisy is a pet peeve of mine, as it was of Jesus.

I am reading a collection of essays by Peter Onuf about the mind of Jefferson. There is an excellent piece about his take on religion. Jefferson viewed himself as a Christian in an almost Unitarian sense (nod to Laura P. - I'll pass it along later)- Christ was not divine, but set forth guidelines that, if followed, brought the individual closer to the divine within him/herself. He abhorred organized religion because of the tendency of the bureaucracy to corrupt faith in the pursuit of temporal power. I feel a lot like that.

04 August 2007

'Bout damn time

The most important thing to remember about the drowning of New Orleans is that it wasn't a natural disaster. It was a man-made disaster, created by lousy engineering, misplaced priorities and pork-barrel politics.

Read the whole article here.

The good news is that scientists believe they know how to save it. They want the Corps to let go of the river in strategic areas so it can get back to work building land, even if that requires rearranging navigation at the mouth of the Mississippi. They want to fill in oil and gas canals, constrict the Gulf Outlet and start pumping sediment back into ridges and barrier islands. The Corps developed $14 billion worth of Louisiana restoration plans before Katrina, but Bush scaled them back to $2 billion.

OK - so we KNOW how to fix it - why the bleppity bleep bleep aren't we?! Oh wait there it is - BUSH. I know it's not ALL his fault, but damn man. Get the hell out of the way and let the grown-ups take care of this.

03 August 2007

Name that Republican

Freedonian said...

I love how they're trying to pretend he's a "Washington Outsider". The two bit actor has never had a tougher role to play than that one.

Seventeen years as a K Street lobbyist, a term in the Senate, and time spent as Dick Noxon's mole. He could have been born with the spire on the Capitol Building hanging out of his ass and not been any more "insider" than that.

hmmm- who could it be?

Riddle me this

How does this:

The legislation would roll back nearly $16 billion in tax breaks for oil companies and provide a broad array of tax incentives and other measures to spur development of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programs. It would establish new efficiency standards for appliances and other equipment and government support for research into alternative energy such as batteries for plug-in hybrid-electric cars.

not "make "serious attempts to increase our energy security or address high energy costs"?

because Bush is a tool - of the oil industry, I mean.

excerpts from cnn.com