18 August 2007

Dancing in the Streets

Thank the powers that be - it FINALLY rained - a real gully washer. Thunder, lightening, the whole kit, kaboodle and kitchen sink. People were in the parking lots and streets dancing - seriously. OK - well, we were in Midtown, afterall! Thirty degree temp drop in an hour. We are now at a nippy 75 and falling. WEEEEEEE!

Power went out at a LaserQuest b-day party we were attending, but the staff dragged the tables out into the lobby so the kids could have cake and ice cream. Liz, of course, was in the top 5 of the game they did play. She's bloodthirsty. And crafty - she snuck up behind some middle school girls who were lurking in a corner and shot them like 10 times repeatedly. They whined - who's shooting us? That's so not fair - Liz said "Me. That's the point of the game!" and then ran before they could get her. They rounded up like 8 other girls to hunt Liz down and then the power went out. Ha! Ha! Ha!

1 comment:

laura said...

Wasn't it GREAT!!?

And your girl... she IS a bloodthirsty one! LOL Mama's little mercenary.