15 August 2007

Mother of the year

See this skank ho?. She beat her boy bloody in a Walmart - no, not in Ferriday, although that is a good guess. In Mesa, AZ. The story is here. She is on LIFETIME probation for child abuse. The 911 was apparently flooded with calls from shoppers who witnessed it all and recorded it on their cell phones. God bless technology!

To abuse a child, any child, much less your own, is something I cannot fathom. She carried that child, bore that child, and then beats him bloody, not for the first time, because he didn't like a shirt she picked out for him. There is not a bulldike butch enough to do to her what I want done to her in prison.


b said...

Who cares if she gets probation? She AND her mother abused the kids, she has been to prison once for child abuse, and their family killed her youngest by shaking him to death.

She is fortunate to have someone on the jury other than me, and that is certainly the nicest way I can put it.

laura said...

Good god. I agree with b. It's a damn good thing I am not sitting on this jury.