23 April 2006

If my brain explodes and no one is here to see it, will it still stain the carpet?

Please pray I do not turn into Kelly Bundy between now May 5.

I swear - I don't think one more book or argument will fit into my brain.

I'm givin' her all she's got, cap'an. We're at full capacity. Anymore and she'll blow.

16 April 2006

Easter and stuff

I think that National Geographic's release of its translation of the Gospel of Judas was deliberately timed to coincide with this, the holiest of days to Christians. I know - I'm incredibly jaded to think so, but here - see for yourself- front page on Slate. (at least it was when I posted this.) Of course, Catholics are outraged that anyone, even someone writing almost 2000 years ago, would dare disagree with their "inerrant" selection of Gospels - despite the fact that the text predates the first Council of Nicaea by at least 100 years. *sheesh* Wouldn't want a pesky thing like facts to interfere with "gospel truth."

Anyway - still reading and stressing, per usual. Just 13 short days until I crash and burn. Of course, my baby brother takes his comps on Tuesday, making me feel even more inadequate. Thanks, Josh! :-p

Off to shove more inane and useless crap into my incredibly imploding head.

11 April 2006

New Post

here it is. a new post.


so much chaos - so little energy

Suffice it to say - comps are totally stressing me out, money is evil, children are causing me to lose my glorious raven locks, and I'm really really tired of the rat race.

But - a very very very very very very dear friend is getting married in 2 short weeks and I will get that respite from the grind. Until I face the firing squad of Latin American comps 4 days later.

Anyone got a cigarette?