24 November 2008

Hobos, lava, and lakes of moonshine

I hate to bump Obama, but this bit is hysterical - as long as you're a history dork, which, I am. (and it's narrated by the PC dude! I must get his new book!)

12 November 2008


Sorry I didn't post any great musings about the election - I JUST got over the hangover. So yeah - we won. Whoot!

Of course, some people are already attacking the man for things he hasn't even had an opportunity to do - as if he ever would. The right wing wackos are calling Obama a Marxist, comparing him to Hitler (apparently incapable of distinguishing between liberal, fascist and Marxist), throwing the race card, and blaming him for the downturn in the stock market.

The best is "well, America is a center-right country," implying that the majority of the moderates lean more towards conservatism than liberalism. Oh contraire mon frere. America was founded on liberal principles - I refer you to John Locke and Montesquieu as well as Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. And, if history and philosophy bores you (philistine that you are), here's a quick read that should make it pretty clear in modern terms: The Center Left Nation.

Hail to the Chief!