11 April 2006

New Post

here it is. a new post.


so much chaos - so little energy

Suffice it to say - comps are totally stressing me out, money is evil, children are causing me to lose my glorious raven locks, and I'm really really tired of the rat race.

But - a very very very very very very dear friend is getting married in 2 short weeks and I will get that respite from the grind. Until I face the firing squad of Latin American comps 4 days later.

Anyone got a cigarette?

1 comment:

Loren said...

no cigarette, bunny. But I can make you a drink. I now have about 60 commited to memory. after tomorrow, I will be a mixologist... so remember I'm here for ya'. $25 an hour, 4 hour minimum, you provide the product.

Hugs, Bunny! It's not going to be quite as bad as you think it is.