24 March 2006


I'm not generally a fan of the Dixiechicks' music, but I love their moxie. Their new song is on their website - http://www.dixiechicks.com/. I don't think they're gonna get a lot of airplay in some markets. heh heh.

So - that's about all. Pat's party went well. I'm still swamped at school and can feel the ulcers forming. But hey - at least the Tigers won!

Lance is supposed to come a callin' Monday evening - that should be fun. I think I'll take him to eat Bar-B-Q or maybe Japanese. hmmm - any suggestions?


Loren said...

Your Memphis Tigers won too, ya' know. And they were a first seed. "The Boy" is a basketball fan, so we've been keeping up.

Glad to hear the party went well. Sorry about the ulcers. Barbeque for Lance, I think. It is a Memphis thang after all.

So, signed any impeachment petitions yet?

A. said...

hell yeah - every petition that comes my way. :-)

Lance had to rework his schedule and will alas, be in Jackson, MS rather than Memphis. next time maybe.

UM stunk it up tonight. man - but hey LSU kicked ASSSSSSSSS!