14 June 2006

Tom Joad

(this is a cross post from Flamin' Field of Collards)

Core price reading jumps more than projected, fueling fears of further Fed rate hikes; worker wages aren't keeping up but Rove says Republicans should run on the strength of the economy. What a tool. I guess as long as you don't want your middle class and young to have viable economic futures, you would see the economy as perfect.

Although Lou Dobbs is speaking in the context of illegal immigration, I think he is onto something when he says "President and Senate allied with 'corporate supremacists." Another name for fascism is corporatism after all. If a conservative bulwark like Dobbs is naming that evil that dare not speak its name, then how far down that path are we really? Can we truly come back? I'm beginning to truly wonder if there is a way, given the compromised integrity of our political system. I truly fear a coup - and not one as relatively benign as what happened in 2000 and 2004. It keeps me up at night. The web of connections between this administration the slimey underbelly of our military is frightening. Any bright cheery news would be most welcome.

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