28 August 2008

Milque toast and the convention part 2

New Orleans! I forgot freakin' New Orleans........ they need to have everyone from the 9th ward there..... All of them, everyone should tell about how they got fucked over.... Oh wait, get someone from the Corps to tell about how they knew this would happen - that they had been warning about.... and how the Corp had been trying to get money for it......and money was cut. And how the Corp and Fema got to be the scapegoats for something that should never have happened.... Something that the administration had been warned was a HUGE FREAKIN" DANGER...... Then bring out the people who lost everything, who got screwed over by the insurance companies, then had the fema trailers yanked out from under them.... All for something that didn't have to happen... becuase Shrub was too busy inspecting his navel lint or something during a briefing. Pictures... lots of Pictures of New Orleans and Gulf Coast......

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