21 July 2006

In The House of the Rising Sun

The bloggers of NOLA and their affiliated supporters, hecklers, lovers and friends are having themselves a confab in August - appropriately called Rising Tide. And I've been invited (I feel so special). It is scheduled to coincide with the 1st anniversary of The Incident. I hope my student loan money is in by then so I can go.

Hey - maybe the grand jury will decline to indict the doctor and nurses (IMHO) A.G. Fart, I mean, Foti, has thrown to the jackals. There is some righteous anger against both him and Tenet Healthcare over the seeming lack of corporate culpability for the lack of evacuation plans etc. in the Times-Picayune forums. There is no way in Hell that there will be an impartial panel selected if it goes to trial. What a waste of precious time and resources.

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