13 May 2006

The rest is just things

I had an epiphany - as I do from time to time.

And, the kernel from that ephemeral moment is . . . .

stuff doesn't matter.



Loren said...

Yep, that's about it.... well atleast that's the perspective you have to use to keep your sanity.

Speaking of sanity, perspective and the like,... I'm filling out my graduation paper work. It got here Saturday - as did the Course Packettes from LSU (one of which is wrong. Yippee). And I'm on a tight shedule to get everything so the final grades can be at ULM by August 8th. Tis a good omen though, as that tis my Birthday. (and with any luck Mr. Hamster will have won his way into the WSOP event, and we'll be in Vegas then.)

Anywho, you have been a busy little blogger, Ms. ABD. Feeling better these days? ;P

A. said...

still exhausted but better. I'll send you inspirational ecards to keep the flames burning under your feet. oops - gotta' go drive the taxi -ballgames tonight and I gotta' bring freakin' snacks!