11 May 2006

South Central Rain

It finally stopped raining. I love the rain - don't get me wrong. Nothing better than sitting on a covered porch with a beer and good book listening to the pitter patter of raindrops but *geesh* enough already. The ground is so saturated I feel like I'm back in the homeland. It supposedly will be clear until next week - I hope so - the kids have had 3 field trips cancelled and a ball game.

Oh - BTW all you peeps who thought I was being paranoid - HA HA HA! Big Brother WAS tapping my phone.

That amazes me - and people like Sessions try to defend this - what do they care how many times I call my sister every week, alarmingly high as that number is. There is no purpose to be served by this - I am tempted to switch my phone service from Bellsouth. And now, the man in charge of the NSA domestic spying is nominated to head the CIA - so we want the military in charge of intellligence? And we are supposed to believe there is no conflict of interest here? As a student of Latin American history, this is bad. bad bad bad. mucho bad! Grande bad. Coup d'etat bad.

Anyway - off to drive the taxi - both baseball and gymnastics today - across town from each other at back-to-back times. Oh. Joy.


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